The workshop

In our workshop, the task is to analyse and design the projects of our customers in order to realise their wishes down to the smallest detail in personal discussions, thus combining passion and the best performance.

We make you benefit from our know-how to cultivate the top of the range, the exceptional, the made-to-measure, so that you can enjoy it.

Each of your requests is special and unique. To represent as closely as possible the dream of a night or of a long-standing project, so that your wishes are fulfilled, we do everything possible to make them sublime and to make them your image.

Our website is dedicated to horsemen, hunters, riders and lovers of art, nature, excellence and culture, so that the true and the beautiful are reflected in the quality of our unique and enduring creations, reflecting our time and our traditions.

The box set

Handmade, embroidered with the name of the future owner or for a special event
Composed of a pibola, a whip in precious wood, silver or gold ferrule, and a knife made of the same wood.

Hunting whip

Our hunting whips are made from French deer antlers.
Designed by hand, we adorn them with stainless steel-silver-gold ferrules.

Whip and stick

Completely handmade to order for dressage, riding, walking and all other relevant sports.

Limoges porcelain

Hand-painted porcelain box 8 x 7 cm (minimum order).


Custom manufacturing, from a minimalist design, illustrating an animal from nature.

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